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There’s nothing as disconcerting as skimming through a dozen news stations and websites each day, only to feel disappointed by their interpretation of the news. Even worse? Many choose to focus on a biased perspective and inject a ton of editorializations and opinion into the mix, clouding the story and making it difficult for the average American to really understand what’s going on.

Our Mission

We spend a great deal of time studying our nation’s constitution and working to understand and uphold our core conservative values. We choose to do this by focusing on both the negative and positive – on both sides of the aisle – to ensure our readers receive a well-rounded presentation of what’s happening around them.

We don’t have a ton of major sponsors or advertisers. We can’t be bought and aren’t in any lobbyist’s pocket. We work diligently to avoid conflicts of interest and don’t tolerate unethical behavior from our team.

Introducing the Conservative Valor Team

Our incredibly high standards have contributed to Conservative Valor’s ability to build a trustworthy, dedicated, ethical team. Our journalists, editors and creative staff members have a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences, each contributing to their ability to determine what the average American really needs to know about each story or situation.

The members of the Conservative Valor team are seasoned journalists, experienced editors, former professors, ex-military, tradespeople, and educated people from all walks of life. Their individual experiences allow them to share perspectives, challenge each other, and collaborate in a way that ensures a broad perspective, not a narrow-minded view based on personal interest.

We believe in journalistic integrity. We dig deep for facts, spend a great deal of time fact-checking, and respect ethical standards. We avoid opinion, commentary, and bias and don’t publish one-sided interviews or pieces.

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Our team takes reader feedback seriously. It’s how we learn and grow. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at any time – and don’t forget to subscribe! Conservative Valor will deliver new updates to your inbox every single day!