Editorial Policy

The Conservative Valor Editorial Policy

Welcome to Conservative Valor. We’re an up and coming conservative news platform with deep roots in the principles of free speech, a limited government, and the time-honored values our founding fathers used when forming this great nation. We understand the critical role the media plays in shaping the public’s opinions and ability to make informed decisions. We’ve kept this profound responsibility in mind as we’ve worked to shape our editorial policy, ensuring we deliver high quality content with accuracy, integrity, and with a commitment to truth in reporting.

A Unique Journalistic Endeavor

At the heart of our endeavor is a strict adherence to ethical standards. Our team operates under a zero-tolerance policy against plagiarism, misinformation, and any behavior that would be considered unethical. We train our team members to approach every story with a rigorous commitment to truth, ensuring that our audience receives news that’s not only timely but credible. What happens if we miss the mark? We remain transparent and take swift action to make the necessary corrections.

To further underline our commitment, here’s a more concise list of our guidelines:

  • Accuracy First: Our team is required to cross-reference and fact-check all information before publication.
  • Balanced Reporting: We look to present various perspectives, even when the subject has conservative roots.
  • Conflicts of Interest: All team members are required to disclose any potential conflict of interest in order to ensure transparent reporting.
  • Protection of Sources: We respect the anonymity and rights of our sources.
  • Distinguishing Content: We don’t publish opinions or sponsored content, but if we did, it would be clearly marked to stand out from our normal news content.
    Embracing Foundational Principles

We believe in minimal intrusion in the lives of American citizens as well as in the power of the free market. Our content reflects this belief, and we take a clear stance when it comes to informing vs influencing. We want our readers to have the tools they need to form educated opinions of their own.

We value your trust. We live in an age where information is abundant but real insight can sometimes be scarce. We want to be your reliable source for conservative news. Our door is always open for feedback and dialogue. Thank you for choosing Conservative Valor.