Volkswagen Issues Massive Recall

Volkswagen is recalling over 261,000 cars in the US for gasoline tank issues caused by defective suction jet pump seals, as reported by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Because of this flaw, gasoline might leak into the Evaporative Emissions system, which could start a fire.

One of the problems with the gasoline tank that resulted in the recall of the Volkswagen cars in the United States was that the suction jet pump seal was malfunctioning. This flaw has the potential to enable gasoline to flow straight into the (EVAP) Evaporative Emissions system, which might result in fuel leaks and pose a danger of fire.

Front-wheel drive variants, such as the Audi A3 Sedan ( 2015 to 2020), the Volkswagen Jetta GLI (2019 to 2020), and the Golf Sportwagen (2015 to 2019), are among the cars that are the victims of this issue.

The faulty suction pump, which was produced by Gentherm as a component of the fuel tank’s assembly, has the potential to enable gasoline to collect, which will ultimately cause it to seep past the charcoal filter. The presence of a gasoline stench within the car is one of the signs that this issue may be present. Other signs may include issues with refueling, such as premature nozzle stoppage or gasoline spillback.

Volkswagen will repair the suction pump at no cost, even though there have been no fires recorded as a result of this issue.

According to a report, the time it takes to remedy the gasoline tank problem depends on the vehicle and how complicated the repair is. Two or three hours is the usual time required to replace a gasoline pump, an internal component of the fuel tank. On the other hand, if getting to the pump is complex and needs taking the gasoline tank out, fixing it can take more than two or three days.

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