Tucker Remains Open-Minded On Nazi Moon Conspiracy

The Blaze’s resident troll, Alex Stein, had Tucker Carlson on a livestream, and the two had a lengthy discussion about conspiracy theories, some of which the former Fox anchor claimed to be “open” to. One of these beliefs is that “Nazi scientists” staged the 1969 Apollo 11 moon landing.

Carlson felt quite at home on Prime Time with Alex Stein, where he could freely discuss any topic imaginable. However, conspiracy theories—which can be both entertaining and strange—were the primary focus.

NASA did confess in 2006 that they had magnetically wiped the original recordings of the lunar landing so they could be reused. However, several archives still have copies of the original broadcast, as Reuters pointed out.

Stein idiotically provided further “proof” that the moon landing was not real.

Tucker remained ambivalent but “open” to the pedestrian and easily refuted “proof” that Stein offered up.

Project Paperclip was one moniker for the growing space program that NASA established after WWII, and it is not a conspiracy theory that Nazi-affiliated German scientists were recruited to work on it.

The United States aimed to defeat Japan during WWII and the Soviet Union in the Space Race after the war’s conclusion in 1945. Concurrently, German-Soviet relations had deteriorated, and many Germans were anxious to make up for their Nazi ties and erase that scarlet mark off their record.

Over half a century has passed since Neil Armstrong made his “giant leap for mankind,” and skeptics still contend that the United States government staged the lunar landings to gain an advantage over Russia in the space race.

According to this, Stein, Armstrong, and Buzz Aldrin acted out their mission on a clandestine film set, which may have been situated in the Hollywood Hills or deep inside Area 51.

The damning evidence? Footage shows him putting an American flag on the moon. The flag’s swaying indicates the existence of wind, which would be impossible in a perfectly still environment.

If Stein bothered to look, he would see a metal rod that ran the top length of the flag so it wouldn’t hang limply. Aldrin twists the flag into the moon’s surface. Thus, the flag follows Aldrin’s movements.

Stein may be trolling.