Trump Vows To Make Tips Tax-Free for Hospitality Workers 

US President Donald Trump and First Lady of the US Melania Trump arrive for a working dinner at The Parc du Cinquantenaire in Brussels, Belgium on Jul. 11, 2018.

In the United States, the closely contested presidential election is now less than five months from occurring. The upcoming approaching 2024 general contest may repeat the last closely contested and contentious election in which the then-incumbent 45th president, the former reality television star, real estate mogul and businessman from New York City Donald Trump was defeated by the long-serving career politician Joe Biden from Delaware and Pennsylvania. Over the nearly four years that have elapsed since that contest, many things have changed in the country, with the national political, social, and economic climate declining. Many Americans are simply not living the same quality of life that they did just four short years ago, with a recent CNBC report alleging that 6 out of every 10, or 60% of citizens may be living on a check to check basis. 

Additionally, the cost of living has markedly skyrocketed. Interest rates have risen sharply, and inflation has caused major surges in the prices of basic household necessities like groceries, energy bills and other products. Even fast food- long thought to be a cheap, affordable option for Americans, is no longer “cheap”. A recent report in an article published by USA today showed that fast food prices increased on average of over 47% since 2014, and inflation caused annual increases (2023) of 4.7%. 

Trump and Biden are currently locked in a dead heat. In many swing states, the two men are projected to be in a statistical tie in some cases, with Biden or Trump enjoying narrow leads in others. The election is most likely to be a very close contest. Both men are competing for crucial voting demographics, including moderates and centrist voters, young people, and growing minority groups like Hispanics. In an appeal to employees in the restaurant and hospitality industry, Donald J. Trump claimed most recently at a rally in Las Vegas that he wishes to make all tips “tax free”.