Trump Issues Major Challenge To Biden

After Joe Biden’s yearly physical exam on Wednesday omitted a cognitive test, Donald Trump strongly suggested that he be tested.

According to White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, his doctor determined that he “doesn’t need” one.

In the 2024 election, which is anticipated to be a rematch with Trump, questions over Biden’s cognitive capacity and age have persisted. Many issues regarding the president’s memory were brought to light in the recently released classified documents report from Special Counsel Robert Hur. These included suggestions that the president’s memory was “significantly limited” and claims that Joe Biden could not recall, “even within several years,” the 2014 death of his son Beau from brain cancer.

During his test at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Centre, Dr. Kevin O’Connor verified that Biden is in good physical health. He went on to say that Biden is an active, robust 81-year-old who remains fit to execute the duties of the Presidency successfully.

Oddly, many on the left have questioned Trump’s mental capacity, even as he displays a wit and the ability to think on his feet and hold rallies that rarely have a teleprompter.

Trump has consistently waved off these bizarre criticisms.

According to a January poll of 1,250 individuals conducted by Reuters/Ipsos, 77% of respondents considered Biden too elderly to serve in government, while 48% held the same opinion about Trump.

Trump was administered the Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MOCA), a screening tool for mild cognitive impairments. The test consists of 8 portions and 12 tasks, with points assigned for each segment.

The test has the patient drawing a cube and a clock, aligning dots with letters and numbers, drawing a sequence of pictures of lions, rhinoceros, and camels, reading a sequence of numbers and letters, counting backward from 100 by sevens, repeating phrases, describing the similarities between trains and bicycles, remembering five words from earlier in the test, and knowing the current location, date, and day of the week.

The former president has boasted that he “aced” it.