Trump Crushes Biden In Key Battleground Poll

As the calendar year of 2024 continues to move and the month of January appears to be entering it’s midpoint, the nature of American politics continues to become increasingly tense. The country nears ever closer to the 2024 presidential election which is set to occur in November and may people are quite apprehensive to the affair. Indeed, the former president Donald Trump is currently the likely frontrunner within the Republican party for the presidential nomination in the general election. Trump currently maintains a massive lead in most real clear politics averages in terms of current statistics, a near 50% lead over two remaining challengers, Ron DeSantis and Nikki Haley. Trump handily defeated both of those candidates in the Iowa Caucus, receiving over 50% of the vote in comparison to their 20% each.

In the Democratic party, the incumbent president Joe Biden appears vulnerable. The state of the American economy remains poor, and most middle class Americans have been crushed ever harder by rampant inflation and soaring prices. Currently it is estimated that about 6 in every 10 American citizens are currently surviving from paycheck to paycheck. What’s worse, home ownership is now allegedly nearly unaffordable in almost the entirety of the country for average Americans earning near the median family income over around 70 thousand a year. Interest rates have soared, and now nearly half of American citizens believe the “American Dream” is dead.

In many crucial swing states, polls continue to show that Biden is losing to Trump. Currently, he enjoys an 8 point lead over Joe Biden in the Peach State, the southern state of Georgia. In a recent survey by the University of Georgia, Trump had 45% support in the state, while Biden managed 37%. About 20% of the electorate was not supporting either. Biden is currently winning in the state of Pennsylvania. The Mid-Atlantic keystone state has been crucial in recent presidential elections, especially for Republicans.