Terrifying Moments Before Bridge Collapse Revealed

In the last moments before it gave way, the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore saw several fortunate cars cross the bridge to safety.

According to one industry official, a “complete blackout” occurred aboard the 948-foot Singaporean container ship. Although the failure’s exact reason remained unknown, backup generators were activated. The ship was instructed to turn and have the port anchor lowered by the commanding pilot to slow down.

According to data from the vessel’s monitoring system, tugboats assisted the Dali as it was escorted from its dock to the bridge.

The bridge collapsed while eight construction workers were repairing potholes, plunging them into the river below. After rescue crews recovered two remaining six, the Coast Guard announced Tuesday evening that they would halt their active search.

One of those construction workers, Miguel Luna, 49, is believed to have died along with his coworkers. Maria del Carmen Castellon, his wife, told Telemundo 44 that all they can say is that they are waiting for official word regarding his death and cannot provide any information at this time.

A 37-year-old Honduran, Maynor Suazo, was recognized back home as one of the workers who has gone missing and is believed to be dead.

Governor Wes Moore of Maryland hailed the ship’s crew as heroes on Tuesday afternoon after the mayday signal. According to Governor Moore, this enabled officials to restrict traffic on the bridge at that period.

Lights flashed on and off, and black smoke billowed out as the ship drew closer to the bridge. The bridge collapsed like a set of tinker toys when the ship hit one of its supports, and a portion of the span ended up on the bow.

Just before the bridge gave way, a dispatcher had requested that all traffic be halted.

Because the collapse would block ship movement at the Port of Baltimore, a key center along the East Coast, it will be a logistical nightmare for months, if not years.

After President Joe Biden stated the bridge collapse resulted from an accident, the federal government pledged to pay for its complete replacement on Tuesday.