Source Says Brad Pitt’s Winery Lawsuit Meant to ‘Drain’ Angelina

One insider claims that Brad Pitt is “punishing” Angelina Jolie by trying to get her to admit that she had signed non-disclosure agreements in the past during their conflict over Château Miraval.

Fox News Digital has received papers stating that a Los Angeles court has ordered Angelina Jolie to produce eight years of non-disclosure agreements as part of the continuing legal battle over the French vineyard that the two co-owned.

Even though Pitt did well in court, a source close to Jolie thinks this might further complicate the already tricky judicial case concerning Château Miraval.

Within sixty days of the ruling, Judge Lia Martin ordered Jolie to provide all pertinent papers spanning from 2014 to February 2022.

The non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) that have piqued the interest of Pitt’s legal team are crucial because they detail Jolie’s justifications for surreptitiously selling her vineyard interests to Pitt.

According to a Pitt-affiliated insider, the verdict significantly damaged Jolie’s principal defense in her battle for the vineyard. However, her lawyers are prepared to follow the judge’s directives without question.

In 2008, the ex-partners bought out the bulk of Château Miraval, a property they often visited while together. In 2021, Jolie attempted to sell Nouvel to Tenute Del Mondo, a Stoli Group affiliate. As a consequence of this deal, she lost 50% of her ownership in Miraval. Pitt vehemently opposes the deal, claiming it breaks the terms of their agreement.

Since Jolie began divorce proceedings in 2016, Pitt’s firm has accused Jolie of attempting to exploit the successful business.

According to court records, Nouvel blasted Pitt for assuming ownership of Château Miraval and wasting corporate funds on pointless modifications, such as upgrading the swimming pool for $1 million.

Following Jolie’s March statement that Pitt’s complaint lacked substance and was motivated by malice, the judge allowed the trial to go on.