Saudi Arabia’s King Salman Contracts Lung Infection, Doctors Find

King Salman (88) of Saudi Arabia is undergoing antibiotic treatment for a lung infection after symptoms of fever and joint discomfort. The news broke early Monday after medical exams at Jeddah’s Royal Clinics at Al Salam Palace.

The medical team determined that he needed to take medicines until the condition cleared up after the infection was detected.

The king checked into a hospital in April for medical exams and was released.

The reign of King Salman began in 2015. Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, his son, is now the future ruler of the country, thanks to his father’s elevation. There is a widespread belief that the  prince is responsible for overseeing the daily operations of the kingdom.

In a meeting with US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan, Crown Prince Mohammed discussed the Gaza war and strategic deals between Saudi Arabia and the US before King Salman’s health difficulties were reported. The historic accord aims to provide possible security assurances for the monarchy and a road map to diplomatic ties with Israel.

During the Arab Summit in Bahrain, MBS also had meetings with regional leaders, including King Abdullah II of Jordan.

On May 22nd, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi voiced his worry about the king’s health despite the crown prince’s reassurances about his father’s condition.

According to Modi’s Wednesday post on social media, the king’s health is an enormous concern of his.  On behalf of the people of India, he wished the king a quick and complete recovery.

Saudi Arabia and India continue to have cordial relations because of the Gulf’s strategic shift to the east and because of India’s goal of strengthening ties with Middle Eastern nations. Crown Prince Mohammed met with Modi to discuss trade during his September 2023 visit to India.

The crown prince of Saudi Arabia will reportedly skip this week’s surprise visit to China. Officials from Saudi Arabia will reportedly pay a visit to the People’s Republic after their tour of Japan.