Rollerblade Wheels Become Latest Cocaine Smuggling Trick

Authorities in Wisconsin have successfully intercepted a package from Colombia, leading to a significant drug bust and the discovery of forged immigration papers. This operation was carried out by the Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department and the Department of Homeland Security Investigations Team, who executed a joint operation on Friday.

The operation was initiated after the HSI (Department of Homeland Security Investigations) alerted the sheriff’s office about a suspicious package. The package, destined for Kenosha from Bogota, contained a set of Canariam rollerblades. Working in collaboration with U.S. Customs and Border Protection, the authorities found that the wheels of the rollerblades were infused with a gelatin-like substance that tested positive for cocaine.

Using the situation, HSI facilitated a “controlled delivery” of the package, allowing them to gather further evidence against the individuals involved. Once the residents of the targeted residence accepted the package, the sheriff’s office tactical response team executed a search warrant.

Throughout the investigation, authorities uncovered a range of condemning evidence. This evidence encompassed 1048 grams of cocaine, which holds a street value of approximately $35,000 when sold in kilogram quantities. In addition, they confiscated $3,475 in cash along with money transfer records between Kenosha and Bogota, summing up to more than $30,000. The search also led to the discovery of multiple counterfeit documents, including fake permanent resident alien cards, social security cards, and Colombian identification cards.

The investigation is currently ongoing, with the authorities actively pursuing potential charges against those involved. While no further details regarding the drug bust have been released, it is clear that this operation has successfully disrupted a significant drug trafficking network, as well as uncovered a case of document forgery.

This incident serves as a reminder of the continuous efforts made by law enforcement agencies to combat drug smuggling and related crimes. It highlights the importance of international cooperation and intelligence sharing in identifying and intercepting illegal activities. By effectively disrupting these operations, authorities contribute to the safety and well-being of communities, preventing the harmful impact of drug trafficking and associated criminal activities.