Robbery Suspect Who Targeted Church Caught & Killed My Marshals

Reports indicate that U.S. Marshals in New Jersey shot and killed a suspect while trying to apprehend him for the 2022 armed robbery of the controversial Brooklyn “bling bishop” Lamor Whitehead at a live-streamed New York City church session.

Shamar Leggette was named as the third suspect by the New York City Police Department in June. On July 24, 2022, during a live-streamed sermon at the “Church” in Brooklyn, three masked bandits held Whitehead, his wife, and their infant daughter at gunpoint. The bandits then made off with jewelry valued at over $1 million.

Leggette remained at large even after the DOJ announced in September the arrests of two other suspects, Say-Quan Pollack, 23, and Juwan Anderson, 23, both from Brooklyn.

U.S. Marshals arrived at the MHO Inn and Suites on U.S.-1 in Monmouth Junction, New Jersey, to arrest Leggette when they were forced to kill him.

A female companion of his turned herself into the authorities, but while he was negotiating with federal investigators, Leggette emerged from the house and started firing shots at deputy marshals.

Reportedly, the incident is being investigated by the New Jersey State Attorney General’s Office.

The “bling bishop” is now facing federal charges of fraud, extortion, and false statements. In December 2022, the Justice Department indicted him, claiming that he stole tens of thousands of dollars from his parishioners’ retirement funds to fund his mansion in New Jersey.

In September 2022, the bishop was once again taken into custody on suspicion of groping a lady while preaching another sermon that had been live-streamed.

Whitehead addressed the allegations of Leggette’s murder on Instagram live Wednesday night while wearing a Gucci suit.

Whitehead said Leggette was the guy who put the gun in his wife’s face and put the gun in his eight-month-old daughter’s face.