Rand Paul Jumps On #NeverNikki Bandwagon

After teasing a “very important” statement on the Republican primaries, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul announced that while he would not yet endorse any particular candidate in the race, he was “Never Nikki,” the Washington Examiner reported.

The Kentucky Republican announced the launch of NeverNikki.net, a website he set up to oppose the former South Carolina Governor’s presidential run.

In a video announcement on Twitter, Paul said there were things he liked about several of the candidates, including Donald Trump, Ron DeSantis, Vivek Ramaswamy, and even independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. However, he was not prepared to decide which of those candidates he would support in 2024.

At the same time, Paul said he was ready to announce which candidate he “cannot support” in the primaries.

He declared that he was “Never Nikki” and encouraged his followers to visit the website to “let her know that you’re not a supporter either.”

Paul argued that no “informed or knowledgeable Libertarian or Conservative” should support Haley due to her support for “interventions overseas” and her role in “the military-industrial complex.”

In a thread on Twitter, Paul listed Haley’s positions and actions that run counter to libertarian and conservative ideals.

In addition to her support for US intervention overseas, Senator Paul cited her recent anti-free speech remarks in which Haley said all social media users should be required to register under their real name, which he said “flies in the face of a free American Republic.”

He also blasted Haley for her praise of the United Nations and her opposition to then-President Trump’s decision to withdraw US troops from Afghanistan and Syria.

Earlier this month, Senator Paul met with 3rd-party candidate Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. in his Senate office. Following the meeting, the senator praised RFK Jr.’s “skepticism” of the “regulatory apparatus of the government” and crony capitalism.