NYC Neighborhood Turns Into Illegal Immigrant Open-Air Market

As the spring season of 2024 begins, the presidential election set to occur this fall remains political lightyears away. The incumbent president Joe Biden remains widely unpopular. Biden has seemingly failed and floundered in every field of leadership and policy while serving as the 46th president. Globally, foreign adversaries of America have been clearly emboldened after Biden led an embarrassing withdrawal from Afghanistan. Domestically, things have gone awfully wrong for the president, as inflation has soared to historic highs under his leadership, and the American middle class, which was already shrinking, continues to struggle mightily. It is estimated that nearly six out of every ten Americans are living paycheck to paycheck, and people simply cannot afford to live the same quality of life they could just four years prior.

The value of the dollar has markedly declined, and inflation has crushed ordinary citizens. Truly, people in America are struggling mightily and the federal government routinely continues to put the interests of other countries before the priorities and well-being of American citizens themselves. As the national debt rises and consumer credit card debt reaches record heights, the government continues to send money it does not have to nations like Ukraine and Israel.

Perhaps Joe Bidens biggest failure has been in the southern region of the country. At the southern border, millions of illegals continue to enter the country unchecked. The president appears unwilling or unable to address the crisis, and tens of thousands of foreign migrants continue to arrive in the United States with each passing day. Recent reports alleged that foreign nationals from China and even the middle east have used the porous border as a way to sneak into the country. People that would do serious harm to the country have entered, putting America’s national security at risk. In New York City, migrants have overrun entire neighborhoods, committing additional crimes (not including their illegal entry) like theft and prostitution.