Nikki Haley Denies Saying Controversial Statement – But It’s Recorded

Even though there is video footage that proves she argued the US retirement threshold is too low, former South Carolina governor and Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley rejected the charges.

During a town hall event on Fox News, Haley fielded questions from both the presenters and viewers of the network. After an August interview with Bloomberg, Haley reiterated that she had warned that Social Security and Medicare would soon go bankrupt unless something is done. She said 65 is much too low as the appropriate age to transfer retirement benefits, but she could not provide a definitive solution.

Reports show that Haley was incorrect when she said anybody born after 1960 may begin collecting full retirement benefits at age 65. The official age is now 67.

Since approximately 80% of respondents were against extending the retirement age to 70 years old, Haley’s intention to do so would undoubtedly encounter substantial opposition.

Both the Democratic and Republican campaigns for president took advantage of Haley’s gaffe; for example, the X account operated by Joe Biden’s campaign shared a clipped version of the incident, while the news release from former president Donald Trump made reference to it.

On average, national surveys had Haley in third place in early January, behind only DeSantis by one percentage point and Trump by 50.6%.

According to a recently published survey, her polling position in New Hampshire was only seven points lower than that of the former president.

A report shows that because New Hampshire is not hosting a primary contest for Democrats this year, Obama’s campaign strategist, David Plouffe, believes that the open primary presents a chance for Democrats to interfere in the result of the race in the Granite State by providing support to Nikki Haley.

Having had enough of this deceitful scheme, the Attorney General of New Hampshire sent a letter to the Democrat National Committee demanding they cease all such conduct.