Milwaukee Road Rage Shooting Shuts Down Freeway

A man from Milwaukee is facing charges related to a May 20 road rage shooting that shut down the Stadium Interchange on Interstate 94.

Two counts of endangering safety by use of a hazardous weapon and three counts of first-degree reckless endangerment have been brought against Jael Rivera-Jimenez (19).

The shooting occurred at around 7:30 in the morning on westbound I-94 near Mitchell Boulevard. The victim and a passenger were unharmed.

The road rage incident along Miller Park Way and National occurred before the shooting. A white Honda allegedly swerved in front of the victim’s car, a red Honda, and started driving carelessly, according to the victim’s account to authorities. As they drove north on the expressway, both cars almost collided as he attempted to change lanes to join I-94 westbound. 

The assailant raced off and exited the highway at Hawley Road after rolling down his window and firing several rounds at the victim’s car.

Deputies blocked off the highway and two spent shells close to the site of the incident. 

Surveillance footage corroborated the victim’s claims. Deputies used the footage to identify Rivera-Jimenez and arrest him at his residence. The white Honda was towed.

In the lawsuit, Rivera-Jimenez acknowledged that he had been abusive or shown road rage towards the victims. According to him, the victim rolled down his window and stuck out his middle finger, prompting him to shoot the person. According to him, the victim’s automobile had a passenger who was brandishing a firearm.

The victim’s car was damaged during the gunshot, and according to the complaint, the window was up, not down, as Rivera-Jimenez claimed.

Investigators also questioned the driver of the car that had been positioned between the victim’s car and Rivera-Jimenez’s vehicle when the incident occurred. According to that motorist, the red Honda had no one pointing a weapon and no windows down.

Rivera-Jimenez appeared in court on June 2nd.