Message From Mohammad Met With Public Outrage

A display at London King’s Cross train station featuring Islamic text from Mohammed that was meant to be seen during Ramadan was removed due to public outcry.

The digital board at King’s Cross station in Central London displayed a phrase ascribed to the Muslim prophet Mohammed during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan (March 10th to April 9th).

The statement caused a stir online, with many British users wondering why a publicly-owned billboard would include such a message.

The government agency in charge of the station, Network Rail, first tried to justify the display by claiming that the staff at King’s Cross are religiously diverse and that the station celebrates its diversity and inclusivity by displaying such messages during religiously significant times.

However, the state-owned entity acknowledged that it had erred. It should have displayed a more general statement celebrating Ramadan.

Deleting Mohammed’s statement was made in response to intense public criticism.

Laurence Fox, leader of the Reclaim Party, claimed that Sadiq Khan would have claimed white supremacy and racism if Psalm 139 had been posted there instead.

Pro-Palestinian demonstrators besieged train stations in London on many occasions. As a result of the extensive protests, some have voiced the concern that some areas of the British capital are now off-limits to Jews.

A report reveals that Tower Hamlets has removed Palestinian flags from its streets following months of criticism and accusations of lawbreaking.

Local Conservative councilor Peter Golds stated that the council had hired an attorney to compile a study, which concluded that the flags were illegal because they violated planning laws. Golds argued that while some sympathize with the Palestinian cause, it is unacceptable to have lampposts adorned with flags of foreign nations.

Reports show that a man was apprehended in the Bethnal Green neighborhood of Tower Hamlets last November for uploading a video in which he complained about the presence of Palestinian flags on the streets. It occurred shortly after the horrific terror strikes on Israel by Hamas on October 7th, which claimed the lives of over 1,000 people and resulted in the captivity and torture of hundreds more.

The man said that if you allow them into the nation, this is what they produce. A short time later, police raided his house and took him into custody, using the remark as an excuse.