McDonald’s Set to Buy Back All Israeli Franchises

Since the 46th president of the United States Joe Biden entered the White House and began his term of service as commander in chief in January of 2021, the state of international politics has seriously deteriorated. Indeed, Bidens predecessor, the business mogul and reality tv star Donald Trump had adopted a policy of “peace through strength” when positioning America on the global stage. Largely, the world was safer because of this; Trump did not involve America into any new foreign conflicts. He crushed ISIS in the middle east, which had become a major problem. During the 2020 presidential campaign, Biden had demonized Trump, calling him a Russian agent and a friend of the Kremlin. Biden claimed he would be a tough president in terms of dealing with the Russians; he has governed in an opposite fashion. After removing sanctions that Trump had placed on the nation and allowing Putin to drill for oil in the North Atlantic, the country declared war on and invaded Ukraine, brining war back to Europe for the first time since 1945.

Additionally, Biden gave billions of dollars in frozen assets back to Iran in exchange for American prisoners. Shortly after, Hamas invaded Israel, and 1,000 civilians were murdered. As Islamist terrorists continue to oppose Israel, China has voiced their support for the terrorists. A state operated Chinese media outlet called the Global Times called for an immediate ceasefire in the nation of Gaza (where Israel is currently battling Hamas terrorists).

As war continues to rage in the Middle East, the American fast food corporation McDonalds announced that the CEO and franchise owner of all McDonalds locations within the nation of Israel would be selling the restaurants back to the corporation directly. McDonald’s in Israel had given out thousands of free meals in Israel after the terrorist tacks in October 2023. This move caused the company to receive negative coverage from left-wing media outlets in America.