Liberal Freak Out’ After Robert Kennedy Jr’s Running Mate Announcement

The Democratic Party has responded strongly to Robert Kennedy, Jr.’s pick of his running partner. The party is said to be “freaking out.”

Following his declaration that he would run for president, Kennedy—from a distinguished and revered Democratic family in American history—became a primary target of attack from the left. Two weeks have passed since Kennedy announced that software entrepreneur Nicole Shanahan would be his running partner. As a result, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) held a call, which some saw as an indication of party anxiety.

As Kennedy’s campaign gains steam and qualifies to be on additional state ballots, Democrats are reportedly internally worried about him.

Several Kennedy relatives posed for a photo with President Biden at the White House on St. Patrick’s Day. Many saw this as an attempt to embarrass John F. Kennedy Jr. Several Democratic strategists have also been quite vocal on social media lately, attacking the independent candidate and attempting to draw connections between him and Donald Trump.

An internet frenzy ensued after Kennedy’s speech on Tuesday due to the involvement of Lis Smith, a Democratic strategist who now works for the DNC and was instrumental in Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg’s 2020 campaign.

She used the term “spoiler” to describe the candidate in her evaluation and claimed that Shanahan had gotten her place as running mate by donating heavily to Kennedy’s campaign.

New surveys show that independent Dr. Cornel West, Kennedy, and Stein are attracting a lot of support, which might mean less support for Biden and Trump. However, Biden seems to be in a worse position to lose possible votes.

GOP strategist and GOPAC chairman David Avella claims that Democrats are worried about Kennedy because their party’s demographics are changing. Groups that were previously leaning toward Biden now seem more in line with Kennedy’s views.

Many of Kennedy’s support base now consists of young voters, self-described moderates, and minorities—a demographic that President Biden and the Democrats seem to have disregarded.