John Rich Gets Prickly About Taylor Swift’s Origins

John Rich believes that it is time for Taylor Swift to pay tribute to the late country singer Toby Keith. Keith, a country music legend, passed away at the age of 62 from cancer, leaving behind a remarkable legacy in the industry. One of his notable contributions was helping launch Swift’s career in its early stages.

This connection between Keith and Swift was brought to light by journalist Matt Couch, who shared a video from 2006 featuring a teenage Swift expressing her admiration for Keith. Couch posted the video on X (formerly Twitter) and emphasized the role Keith played in Swift’s success, stating that without him, there would be no Taylor Swift. He expressed his hopes that Swift would recognize Keith’s influence and pay tribute to him.

Country singer John Rich echoed Couch’s sentiment by reposting the video and sharing his thoughts on the matter. He questioned when Swift would share her thoughts about Keith, the man who discovered her and secured her first record deal. Rich emphasized the importance of acknowledging Keith’s impact on Swift’s career.

In the video, Swift can be seen praising Keith and expressing her awe of him. She describes the power she feels when in his presence and how she is starstruck by his talent. This admiration showcases the profound impact Keith had on Swift during her formative years as an aspiring artist.

While Swift recently attended the Grammys, where she made history by winning Album of the Year for the fourth time, and embarked on her Eras Tour in Japan, she has remained relatively silent on social media since Keith’s passing. Swift did reveal that her Eras Tour will be available on Disney+ in March and that she has a new album set to release in April. However, she has not addressed Keith’s death directly.

It is essential to recognize the significance of Keith in Swift’s journey, as he played a pivotal role in launching her career. Keith was instrumental in founding the record label that Swift initially signed with and remained associated with until 2019. Many credit him with providing Swift with the opportunities that led to her success.

However, it is worth noting that Keith and Swift have diverged politically in recent years. Keith was a staunch supporter of former President Donald Trump, while Swift endorsed Joe Biden during the 2020 elections. Additionally, Keith was known for his vocal criticism of The Chicks (previously known as The Dixie Chicks) after they expressed their disapproval of George W. Bush’s Iraq invasion in 2003. Keith used controversial imagery during his live shows, further exacerbating the rift between him and The Chicks.