Joe Biden’s Daughter Ashley Gains Attention For Tax Debt

While her father was a prominent figure in American politics, serving for almost half a century in the Senate before rising to vice president and president, first daughter Ashley Biden was exposed to controversy at a young age.

The revelation that the 42-year-old owes $5,000 in taxes from 2015 put her back in the spotlight on December 18.

According to a recent tax lien docket, the state of Pennsylvania’s revenue department notified the younger Biden that her property would have a lien executed because of unpaid tax, interest, additions, and penalties.

Ashley Biden is the half-sister to Hunter and the late Beau Biden. Ashley is Joe and Jill Biden’s sole child.

Her life has been fraught with controversy and turmoil.

In 2009, a man posing as Ashley Biden’s “buddy” was attempting to sell a video of what he said was her taking cocaine at a home party. An attorney for the unnamed individual claimed that Ashley knew she was being recorded and that the video was lawfully acquired.

Biden was seen removing a red straw from her lips, kneeling over a desk, placing it into her nose, and snorting lines of white powder.

The attorneys claimed to have watched the video about fifteen times, and while the speech is difficult to make out, the lady mentions the drugs many times.

The subsequent events revealed that Biden had been detained for marijuana possession when enrolled at Tulane University, although she had never faced charges for the offense.

Project Veritas, a contentious conservative media organization that gained notoriety through conducting undercover sting operations against Democratic organizations like Planned Parenthood and major news outlets, obtained Ashley’s diary entries while Joe Biden was campaigning against Donald Trump in 2020.

On October 24, 2020, just before the presidential election, another conservative website published hundreds of handwritten pages from Ashley Biden’s diary, even though the website owned by James O’Keefe did not post extracts from her diary.

One section of Ashley’s journal that was “probably not appropriate” about her “showers with my dad” when she was a little child was the one that garnered the most notice when the diary was made public.