Irish Bar Worker Murdered in Public by Boyfriend

According to police reports, a boyfriend brutally murdered his girlfriend, an Irish bartender, in front of shocked customers.

Sarah McNally, a 41-year-old from Longford, passed away after the horrific event during the weekend at The Céilí House bar on Grand Avenue in Maspeth, Queens, New York.

Reportedly her boyfriend of ten months also sustained knife wounds, as corroborated by horrified bystanders.

Sarah, according to one eyewitness, was standing, talking. As soon as her boyfriend stepped in he began stabbing her. Subsequently, he began attempting to stabhimself.

At around 6:30 p.m. on Saturday, the incident occurred.

The Irish lady Sarah, who was described as “sweet and innocent,” had been a New York City resident for around 10 years.

After receiving a 911 call, the authorities wasted no time in responding. A knife wound to Sarah’s neck was found when they arrived.

The man who attacked her was said to be in his forties and was bleeding profusely from self-inflicted knife wounds to the back and neck. He was armed with two knives.

After the suspect refused to drop the blades, the police resorted to Tasering him.

The pair were taken to Elmhurst Hospital in “critical condition>”

Sarah was soon after declared dead.

The man has not been identified.

The police have not yet made any arrests. The investigation is still underway, according to an NYPD official.

According to 62-year-old Mike Lambe, she had only been an employee at The Ceilo House for a year.

The US Department of State has acknowledged the situation and has stated its readiness to provide consular assistance.

In the Queens neighborhood, Sarah’s murder marks the second homicide involving an Irish lady in the last few months.

Denise Morgan, a 39-year-old waitress from Tullyallen, Co Louth, was fatally shot in October 2023 by her ex-partner.

Her 33-year-old ex-boyfriend Joed Taveras was also discovered dead.