Horror Crash Leaves 9 Dead, Only One Survivor

A former Marine, Nathaniel Jahn, witnessed a wreck in central-western Wisconsin and met the young kid he rescued that day.

He was assisting the people when he suddenly heard a cry. Micah Schrock, a toddler who had been thrown from the vehicle, was discovered beneath the debris by Jahn.

On Friday morning in Clark County, Wisconsin, a terrible disaster claimed the lives of nine people but spared the youngest. 

Nathaniel Jahn was among those who helped set up crosses over the weekend in memory of those who had been lost and saved.

According to the Clark County Sheriff’s Office, eight individuals, including the truck driver, were killed in the crash. The little boy Jahn saved from the vehicle was injured and transported to the hospital.

The truck was traveling east on Highway 95 when the van swerved into the junction, causing a frontal collision. The sheriff’s office said the car flipped over and landed in a ditch. The van caught fire while the other two victims were inside.

Jahn saw the 2-year-old youngster at the Marshfield, Wisconsin, hospital on Monday morning.

On Monday, the victims were identified by the Clark County Sheriff’s Office.

The semi’s driver was 51-year-old Daniel Liddicoat of Rewey, Wisconsin. 

Several of the victims were members of Micah’s family from Burke’s Garden, Virginia, in the Amish Appalachian Mountains. The tragedy claimed the lives of the two-year-old boy’s parents, younger sister, grandmother, and two aunts.

Support from nearby Virginia residents has been overwhelming. The local community has been holding a charity drive to help the families.

Speaking about his rescue mission, Nathaniel Jahn stated that he believes God put him there for a reason.