Haley Closing The Gap On Trump In New Hampshire

Only two weeks before New Hampshire’s first-in-the-nation presidential primary, former president Donald Trump’s advantage was eroded by Nikki Haley.

One poll on Tuesday showed that in New Hampshire, where the primary is scheduled on January 23, Haley is just a few points behind Trump, suggesting that she is drawing closer to the former president.

A CNN survey by the University of New Hampshire found that among potential Republican primary voters, 39% went to Trump and 32% to the former governor of South Carolina.

Other Republican candidates lag well behind: 12% for ex-New Jersey governor Chris Christie, 8% for business magnate Vivek Ramaswamy, 5% for Florida governor Ron DeSantis, and less than 1% for ex-Arkansas governor Asa Hutchinson.

According to another New Hampshire survey, Haley is 20 points behind the former president. Among potential GOP primary voters, 46% like Trump and 26% favor Haley, according to a USA Today/Boston Globe/Suffolk University survey. Mr. Trump had a 30-point lead against Haley in a Suffolk survey conducted at the beginning of October.

According to an average of surveys compiled by RealClearPolitics, Trump’s advantage in New Hampshire is less than fourteen points.

In addition to her meteoric rise in New Hampshire, Haley has passed Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis in Iowa and is now in second place, just behind Trump. Monday is the day of the Iowa caucuses.

Haley’s support has increased by 12 points from the November UNH survey. The largest voting group in New Hampshire, individuals who have not yet chosen a party but are eligible to vote in the primary, are her strongest supporters.

He said that among Republicans, Trump does the best, but Haley might counter by saying that she can win over Democrats, independents, and even some Republicans to be President Biden’s equal in November.

Among conservatives and Republicans, the former president continues to do well. He has a 40-point margin, and among Republicans, he has a 37-point edge against his former United Nations ambassador, Haley.