GOP Rep Blames Biden For Middle-East Escalations

The upcoming presidential election of 2024 still remains over 9 months away. Inflation continues to crush working citizens and adversely affect ordinary families as the spending power of the dollar decreases. Despite these realities, most Major media organizations across the country continue to place a sizeable emphasis on the early stages of the presidential primaries. In the Democratic party, the incumbent President Joe Biden appears to be locked in as the party nominee, and he faces very limited opposition. In most contemporary polls, Biden commands the confidence of less and less Americans and is disapproved of by a majority of citizens. As war continues to escalate in the middle east, the Republican congressman Mark Alford of Missouri claimed Biden bore the blame. Iran has recently begun to target neighboring countries and utilize terrorist groups to serve as “proxies” to further their agenda in the increasingly volatile, unstable region.

Biden had been previously challenged by Robert Kennedy Jr.. Kennedy Jr., although attempting to initially run as a Democrat, proved to be extremely unpopular in his own party. Kennedy represents an extinct breed of “blue dog” Democrat politicians, adopting moderate social views and centrist positions. The party, which has become a radical progressive machine, largely shunned Kennedy and the far-left voting base of the Democrats followed suit. In fact, Kennedy was more positively received by Republicans. Donald Trump currently maintains a massive lead in the party primary, and some 60% of the Republican voting base maintains their support for the beleaguered former president.

Kennedy recently announced plans to run as an independent and appears likely to do so in next year’s election. Kennedy is extremely palatable to moderate GOP and center-left independent voters and appears poised to do more damage to Republicans than Democrats. In a recent poll, Kennedy received nearly 22% of the vote in a 3-way election, compared to Biden’s 39% and Trump’s 36%. This is bad news for Republicans.