China Lands Unmanned Spacecraft on Far Side of the Moon

As the 2024 presidential election nears ever closer, a plethora of problems continue to grip the American nation and the western world at large. Domestically, the United States is struggling in many regards. Rampant inflation has crushed the average citizen, and wages have not kept up with the cost of living. While this problem has unfortunately been the reality of everyday life for many American citizens for decades, over the last four years the massive surges in costs have make the situation even more dire. It is currently estimated that 6 out of every 10 Americans are living on a weekly basis and surviving from check to check. Additionally, many people are feeling disheartened and disillusioned. A recent article from Axios showed that nearly half of the respondents expressed sentiments that the American dream was dead, and that although it once held true it was no longer a reality. Nearly a quarter of people also alleged that it was never existing to begin with. 

Internationally, as the American economy struggles in terms of consumer affordability and wage growth, the nation’s chief rival and rising superpower China continues to beat the odds and defy the predictions of economists. Chinas economy grew in the first quarter of the fiscal year of 2024, with a 5.3 percent increase reported by the media outlet CNBC. This number was markedly larger than the 1.4% it was predicted to expand. The communist superpower remains the United States and the western world’s largest threat to dominance in the world as international tensions continue to rise. 

At the same time that a major regional war continues to escalate in eastern Europe (and another remains uncertain in terms of future trajectory in the Middle East), the Chinese nation continues to achieve great things. The country recently landed an unmanned spacecraft on the far side (or dark side away from earth) of the moon, a major achievement in the race.