Caught On Camera – Tragedy AVERTED!

Whittier, California saw residents foil a criminal offensive on Friday, May 24. That evening, a group of men posing as workers from the gas company attempted a home invasion on the Bradwell Avenue’s 8100 block around 7pm.

Surveillance video shows the three would-be invaders approaching a family home while identifying themselves as representatives of the local gas company. The men wore hoodies and face masks, though one of them had gone to the trouble of donning a bright orange work vest. The three men asked to enter the property to “check the meters.”

The homeowners heeded their misgivings, and denied permission. The men then withdrew.

Once the homeowners believed that the coast was clear, they stepped outside for a look around. When they had satisfied themselves that the coast was clear and started back towards their front door, they caught sight of the trio of suspects sprinting towards them some distance away. The suspects were brandishing pistols that they’d previously concealed in their waistbands.

The targeted family beat a hasty retreat into their house and locked the door before the marauders could catch up to them. The homeowners called police, and the suspects immediately fled.

Neighbors of the family are worried about how secure their quiet community really is. Neighbor Andy Williams called the incident “unsettling” and expressing distress that such a crime would be attempted In broad daylight, and that those claiming to be utility employees or other workers with a legitimate presence in the neighborhood—such as people who sell solar panels—might actually be criminals in disguise. It gives him, he said, “a lot to think about.”

Other residents confirmed to reporters that they are now on high alert.

The intended victims uploaded their security footage to social media and watchdog sites, hoping that other citizens can learn from their experience and take steps to safeguard themselves.

The three suspects, described as male Hispanics between 20 and 30 years of age, remain at large.