Bill Maher Slams Republicans For Focusing on ‘Owning the Libs’

The state of American politics has become increasingly polarized over the last several years. The 2024 presidential election is now less than six months away and that general contest appears increasingly likely to be a rematch of the closely contested 2020 affair in which the incumbent president Donald Trump was defeated by the long serving career politician from Delaware and Pennsylvania Joe Biden. Over the last four years, the country has not become more unified, with political polarization reaching levels that are arguably higher than they were in the year 2020. As the contest nears closer, it appears that Americans will once again be forced to choose between Trump and Biden. Recent polls have shown that the race is a dead heat, with various outlets reporting a race that is statistically tied. A Fox News poll in may gave Trump a 1-point lead, while a Reuters poll predicted a tie. A poll from Harvard University gave Trump a 5-point lead. Biden continues to beat Trump in the area of young voters, enjoying a comfortable lead with voters aged 18-29.

Both men are quite unpopular. In a recent development, the liberal tv-commentator Bill Maher appeared on CNN to bash Marjorie Taylor Greene and her fellow “MAGA” Republicans. Maher is a well-known liberal, but has been critical of Democrats as of late, critiquing the party on topics like transgenderism and historical revisionism. Despite this, he also abhors Trump. Maher alleged that Trump has, through his appeal, transformed the Republican party into an organization centralized around one leader. He described far-right politicians that support Trump excessively as radical and compared them to members of a cultist entity. Maher then even alluded to the many Republicans who have journeyed to New York City and the Trump trials going on there, claiming they all were clothed in a united uniform (red-tie) and used the word “pilgrimage” to describe the ventures. Politics in America are vitriolic.