Biden Loses Protest Votes, Impacting Dem Primary Results

President Joe Biden’s primary victories in Wisconsin, Rhode Island, and Connecticut were influenced by a protest vote against him for his conduct regarding the Hamas/Israel conflict.

After the horrific terrorist assault on October 7th by Hamas, which killed over 1,200 people, pro-Palestinian activists in these and other states have been contacting Democrat primary voters and asking them to reject Biden’s support for Israel by selecting “uncommitted” or other vote alternatives.

Reports show that 8.4% in Wisconsin voted “uninstructed,” 14.9% in Rhode Island, and 11.5% in Connecticut voted “uncommitted.”

Liberal activists in New York urged Democrat voters to ‘leave it blank’ during the protest vote. The official tally, which will be released weeks later, will account for the protest effort’s impact on the primary, but Tuesday night’s results will not reflect it.

On February 27, more than 100,000 Democrat primary voters in Michigan chose the “uncommitted” option, or 13.2% of the total vote, setting off a chain reaction of comparable protest ballots.

Washington, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Alabama, Colorado, and North Carolina are just a few of the states where segments of the Democrat electorate have backed anonymous ballot alternatives.

Democrats in the battleground state of Michigan were urged by the ‘Listen to Michigan’ campaign to choose “uncommitted” as their candidate. Similar efforts were coordinated with organizations in Wisconsin, Washington, and Minnesota.

Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Nevada, North Carolina, Minnesota, and Virginia are among the battleground states where the anti-Biden organization Abandon Biden has been actively courting voters. People who disagree with the president’s backing of Israel in what it perceives as the ‘genocide’ against Palestinians were urged to vote against him by the campaign.  “No Joe” should be written on the Democrat ballot in Pennsylvania on April 23, according to Abandon Biden.

Although both Biden and Trump successfully secured their party nominations, protest votes against Biden are expected to persist for the remainder of the primary season.

Last month, an ensemble of Democrats aspired to be chosen as delegates to the Democrat National Convention (DNC) and to be included on the ballots for the state’s Democrat primary on June 4th. Their candidate’s name is “Uncommitted.”