Biden Election Team Increasingly Worried About Age

The first lady and senior White House officials are allegedly worried that Biden is trying to do too much and is too infirm and frail to keep up.

According to Biden’s inner circle, Jill Biden closely monitors the president’s itinerary to ensure he does not overextend himself. She actively encourages the president to get more sleep and intervenes with his staff to make sure he gets regular downtime.

People think Biden doesn’t want to admit he has physical limits. He gets defensive when someone speaks about his advanced age.

Biden still displays “frustration” over the whispers that he is too elderly to serve as president, despite modifications like shorter stairs, more rest, and orthopedic shoes. He’s begun making self-deprecating jokes about his age, but it’s done in a way that mocks the notion he is elderly.

Public opinion and survey data indicate the opposite.

As President Biden considers a run for re-election in 2024, widespread public worry over his advanced age was noted in a

At 81, 77% of Americans think Biden is too old to be an effective leader for a second term—nearly 70% of Democrats and 89% of Republicans agree that the president is getting on in years.

People draw parallels to Trump’s age—just four years younger—to try and minimize the worries around Biden’s advanced years.

Nonetheless, according to the AP survey, there was a noticeable disparity in how respondents saw Biden and Trump based on their ages.

A “word association” test showed that most people immediately thought of his age when asked to think about Biden. Thirteen percent used adjectives suggesting deterioration, such as “slow” or “confused,” while twenty-six percent used words like “aged” directly. Just 3% of Trump’s respondents said he was puzzled, and just 1% used age-related terminology.

When Ronald Reagan’s age became a factor, the Reagan inner circle staged photo ops of Reagan clearing brush and chopping wood on his ranch.

No such images of Biden’s supposed vitality have been released. There are some clips of him playing golf that paparazzi captured, and there is a reason the white house doesn’t show them.

He looks frail, weak, and uncoordinated.