Biden Admin Fiscal Proposal Suggest Taxes on Racial Lines Could Bring Equality

Over the last several years, the economic reality of ordinary life within the United States has been altered drastically. This alteration has not been one that has been a good thing. Since the beginning of President Joe Biden’s term of service, rampant inflation has crushed the American working class, and the cost of basic household items like groceries, food items, restaurant bills, energy bills and other necessities have risen sharply. This has completely demoralized many American families and caused families everywhere to struggle financially. Consumer credit card debt recently reached heights not reached ever before, and the national debt now stands near thirty trillion dollars. What’s worse; for families earning near the median national income of around $70,000 annually home ownership has been deemed unaffordable as housing costs and interest rates have soared to exorbitant levels.

People continue to bear the burden of these effects, and many have been forced to “speak with their wallets and move with their feet”. In many cases, residents of high-tax, high-cost of living states like New York, California, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and others have fled their states, moving to low-cost, low-tax places like New Hampshire, Delaware, Tennessee, and other places. In most cases, these low-cost areas are generally politically controlled by members of the Republican party, or the GOP. High cost regions are generally in states dominated politically by Democrats, or progressives.

Truthfully, many progressives have advanced massively irresponsible economic policies over the last several decades that have severely hindered the economies of their states and caused business owners and entrepreneurs to move elsewhere or avoid coming to their regions. In yet another “bone-head” move, the federal government, led by President Joe Biden recently proposed a new budget proposal for 2025 that would create serious tax increases on people just because they are white. They are proposing this in the “name of racial equality”. The lunacy of the progressive left continues to be displayed.