AOC Faces Wrath From Voters At Home

Since arriving in Washington D.C. as a member of New York States delegation in the Federal Congress’s House of Representatives in 2018, one congresswoman has established a controversial reputation in a short period of time. Ms. Alexandra Ocasio Cortez has been the producer of many gaffes and the brunt of many jokes surrounding political news and contemporary topics in the United States. In recent times, Ocasio-Cortez has come under fire for continuously advocating for federal intervention in student-loan debt while reportedly carrying $50,000 in loans herself.

Ms. Cortez graduated Boston University in 2011, earning a bachelor’s of arts degree in economics and international relations. According to the New York Post, AOC carried debt at an estimated range of $15,001-$50,000 in the year 2022. Earlier in the summer during the month of July, the congresswoman representing the New York City borough of Queens voiced her displeasure with the Biden administration’s decision to resume interest accumulation on student loans, calling for a suspension of interest. These comments were made following the Supreme Court’s decision to strike down the president’s plan to provide sweeping student loan forgiveness to thousands (if not millions) of individuals. Cortez stated she did not pursue a graduate level (Master’s degree or higher) collegiate education since she was worried about incurring increased amounts of debt. She also claims that she still worries over her debt, despite making the federal congressional annual salary of $174,000. While millions of Americans carry large portions of student debt and make far less, thousands of others have shown personal responsibility expected of them and paid them off after making a conscientious decision to use loans and attend college.

It appears Cortez’s progressive antics are not approved of by all of her constituents. Recently, while hosting a town hall, she was heckled by constituents who claimed she cared more about illegal migrants than the taxpaying citizens she is supposed to be representing in New York.