Amy Schumer Faces Murder Threat

Comedian Amy Schumer has been receiving death threats on Twitter. A user who identified as Drew Peacock wrote, “Can you euthanize a human? Asking for a friend,” and received the reply, “Sure can.” In another instance, Peacock wrote, “Count your days Amy Schumer,” and “Can’t wait to kill this stuck up c***.”

The posts likely breach the platform’s rules, which prohibit users who “threaten, incite, glorify, or express a desire for violence or harm.” The policies promise that those guilty of these offenses will be permanently removed from the platform.

Schumer has come under increased scrutiny and been subjected to harassment online since she publicly supported Israel following the terror attack of October 7.

Newsweek reported last year that the New Yorker faced a “relentless backlash” when she said that Israel was not responsible for bombing the al-Ahli Hospital in the Gaza Strip – a claim that later turned out to be true. Islamist militants accidentally attacked the hospital, but many Western media outlets instantly accused Israel of deliberately targeting it.

The star responded to many of the attacks, which included insults about her appearance and career success. “I want safety and freedom from Hamas for Palestinians and Israelis. I want safety for Jewish people and Muslims as well. Everyone. Just like you. I want peace,” she posted on Instagram. Referring to posters who called her ugly, she said, “I’m ugly/fat, okay, sorry you aren’t attracted to me, but I found someone who is.” Schumer married chef Chris Fischer in 2018.

Since the terror attack on the Jewish state, Ms. Schumer has spoken about her experiences of growing up Jewish in New York City. On Instagram, she recalled feeling “ashamed” of her Jewish identity as a child and laughing along with derogatory jokes just to fit in with her peers. Her uncle, a holocaust survivor, still had his Auschwitz tattoo on his arm, and she said this reminded her of the “confusing hatred” of Jews she was exposed to.