Americans Share Views On Biden Ahead Of Election

In Silicon Valley, Americans are divided on their opinions regarding President Biden’s leadership and whether he deserves another term in the upcoming 2024 election. While some express concerns about his age, others believe he is doing a commendable job.

Travis from San Jose expresses reservations about Biden’s age, viewing him as a puppet who simply signs off on decisions without much personal involvement. However, Richard holds a different perspective, praising Biden’s actual record and dismissing public perception, often focusing on his age and moments when he appears less energetic.

According to a Reuters/Ipsos poll published in September, over three-quarters of respondents believe Biden, the oldest president to serve, is too old for the job. Interestingly, the poll also indicates that Biden and former President Trump would be tied in a hypothetical election.

A JPMorgan strategist recently predicted that Biden may withdraw from the 2024 race due to health reasons, further fueling doubts about his leadership capabilities. Despite this, some individuals, like Steve, feel that while Biden’s leadership may be weak, people are reluctant to embrace change and are thus somewhat accepting of his leadership.

Ken prefers Biden over former President Trump, believing that Biden’s leadership is an improvement over the previous administration.

According to a Gallup poll dated December 22, 2023, Biden’s approval rating rests at 39 percent, marking the lowest for an incumbent president at this stage in their term compared to his modern predecessors. This figure represents a marginal improvement from the 37 percent approval he had maintained over the preceding two months.

Sarah, who voted for Biden in 2020, acknowledges both positive and negative qualities in his leadership. However, she admits she would not be excited about voting for him again in 2024 and hopes for a new candidate to support.

Overall, Americans in Silicon Valley hold varied opinions on President Biden’s leadership, with some expressing concerns about his age and others appreciating his actual record. As the 2024 election approaches, it remains to be seen where public sentiment will ultimately sway and whether a new candidate will emerge to capture the interest and support of the American people.